Listed Property Club Sussex Heritage Award 2009 Project Book Carpenters Fellowship

Historic Oak Frame Barn Restoration

This 17th century oak frame barn was built on sandstone blocks, that originally date back to the doomsday book. The oak frame has been extensively repaired and restored, with new sole plates, two new 12"x 12" oak tie beams, new rails and studs. The lean-to was completely rotten beyond repair, so was replaced with new oak framing to match the original frame.

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Heartwood Construction shows a refreshing enthusiasm and a professional approach to the inevitable repairs that are required. The installation of a concealed steel (T / flitch plate) inside a prominent oak beam was completed with a minimum of fuss and no unsightly reminders. Chris Payne richly deserves his 2009 Sussex Heritage Trust Award for a competent and sympathetic approach to historic restoration.

P.Higgs, Mayfield

"We are extremely pleased with the superbly handmade windows and doors that Heartwood Construction made for our period home. Chris Payne has an understanding and feeling for old houses, with knowledge of their original construction that helps him to ensure that the joinery he creates will fit into and move with a property that will continue to develop over the years".

S.Bowles, Burwash, East Sussex